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Whether you are looking a an associate, bachelor, master, or doctorate degree, find out everything you need to know about getting into the program that best meets your educational and career goals. It’s not just academic rigor that brings men and women from all walks of life to KTU. Kingdom Truth University seeks individuals with the capacity and desire to impact the local communities and beyond through meaningful contributions to the world. 

Undergraduate & Graduate Admissions

Admission criteria cover a host of factors including academic performance in the classroom, extracurricular pursuits, and performance on standardized tests. The Graduate School aims to recruit students that are passionate, engaged, and talented that will bring creativity, diversity, and integrity to our student population. Applying to college can be stressful for the student as well as their biggest supporters but we are here to help navigate this process to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. Click on the tabs provided below to learn more about attending campus and the cost of attending KTU. 

Admissions Process and Requirements

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Admissions Overview

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Undergraduate Students

Your admission process to KTU can begin as early as the end of your high school junior year. Select the student that best describes you below for admission information specific to you.

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Doctorate of Arts

Your admission process for our graduate programs should start 5 months before your planned enrollment.