Student Services

Students' Services at KTU

Students' Rights And Responsibilities

Students have the right to review any and all documents contained in their school file. They have the right to discuss any concerns they have with a school official and can expect a written or verbal response to their concern regarding any 41 aspects of their training. Students are responsible for adhering to all school rules and regulations while in attendance and must meet all established guidelines in order to be eligible for graduation.

Special Student Needs/Accomodations

Kingdom Truth University will make reasonable accommodations for you if you have special needs in order to make it possible for you to have equal opportunity for a quality online education. We provide text, audio, and often video options for all courses. Please contact the Admissions Office with specific accommodation requests.

Resources Available to Students

Learning Support: Individualized learning support courses for students who need structured guidance, applied study skills, and instruction in time management strategies.

Students enroll in Learning Support courses to help them progress toward independent, self-directed learning and the rigors of college work. Learning Support courses must be taken in conjunction with courses being taken for credit; earn institutional credit only; may not be taken as electives to meet graduation requirements, and are not eligible for financial aid.

Students must register with permission from the head of the Academic Department for any combination of up to 3 total Learning Support courses, not to exceed a maximum of 6 Credit hours toward GPA during enrollment at KTU.

At the conclusion of any course enrollment, students are encouraged to use the academic supports available to all students, such as Math Lab, Writing Center, Computer Lab, and request for tutor, assistive technology, and computer-aided instruction.

The following are courses for support learning: CE-LLRC 11C Learning Skills Support, 3 credit hours; CE-LLRC 112C 112C Structured Learning Support, 3 credit hours; CE-LLRC 113C Intensive Learning Support, 3 credit hours.

A variety of other services and resources are available for students who are struggling with coursework such as:

Tutoring & Learning Centers: Tutoring is designed to give students individualized attention to succeed in courses and beyond.

Academic Advising: Advisors can help students maximize their college experience by offering assistance with course selection, degree planning, registration procedures, college policies, and assisting with academic concerns or special needs.

Counseling: Counselors can assist students with career development and exploration, learning problems, study skills, personal issues, and assessing abilities, interests and values.

Disability Services: Students with disabilities requesting services and /or accommodations are encouraged to register. A counselor works with students to determine which services best meet their individual needs.

Veteran Student Services
: VA students will have a team, who will guide them through an array of information and resources that are vital to their introduction to campus life. These areas include benefits, career planning, counseling, tutoring, and just getting to know the campus. 

Students' Records

Kingdom Truth University will keep a record of students’ academic progress and will supply an updated transcript and a certificate or diploma upon satisfactory completion of any KTU academic program. Accredited degrees earned will be conferred by the university upon completion.

Requests for official transcripts should be made through the Registrar’s Office. Emailed transcripts are provided to students free of charge. A processing fee of $15 will be charged for each official transcript requested to be sent as a hard copy in the mail.

Release of Information

Privacy Rights of Students: STATUTE 20, United States Code Section 1232.g and regulation adopted pursuant thereto, hereinafter, referred to as the Code requires that each student be notified of the right accorded him or her by the Code. The following is provided as Basic information relative to Code.

The Code provided for university to establish a category of student information is named “Directory Information.”  Any information falling in the category of “Directory Information” will be available upon request to appropriate governmental agencies and KTU Directory. 

Information is limited to students: Name, Address, Telephone number, Race, Date of Birth, Major Field of Concentration, Church Membership, Denominational Affirmation, Dates of Attendance, Degrees and Awards Received, Previous Education, Agency/ Institution, and Attendance.

All other information such as help in medical records, disciplinary records of personal, counseling required, student and family financial income records, transcript grips or record in other professional identification information shall be opened for inspection only to the student and such members of the professional staff of the college that have responsibility for working with students.

Such information should not be released to the second party without the consent of the student, except as required for use by the president in the discharge of his or her official responsibilities as prescribed by law, regulations of the state board and board policies. The designated custodian of such records may release information from these.