Our Academic Leaders & Faculty

Faculty are the heart of the university and KTU supports their personal development, research, teaching , and service in order to cultivate and nurture our best investment for our thriving university. 

A directory of our Administrative and Instructional Faculty are provided below. 

Photo of Alicia Bain Alicia Bain

Alicia V. Bain is a strategic leader and an entrepreneur with a strong desire to become a motivational speaker. Alicia was born in Miami, Florida but grew up in the lovely island of Grand Bahama, The Bahamas.  Alicia was born in a family of leaders and entrepreneurs and was never forced to take that same career path even though she knew she was a natural-born leader and would someday become an entrepreneur.…

Photo of Dr. Vernell Bronson Dr. Vernell Bronson Dean of Portfolio Studies

Dean of Portfolio Studies at Kingdom Truth University, Jacksonville, Florida

Educated in Washington County Public School System, Chipley, Florida

Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Florida State University (FSU) Tallahassee, Florida

Doctorate of Christian Counseling from Kingdom Truth University, Jacksonville, Florida

Serve in numerous capacities in service to the Lord at Word of Truth Worship Center, Jacksonville, Florida

Has 2 children and 4 grandchildren

Over 40 years of work experience in Corporate America

CEO of GIMS, Inc.

Photo of Dr. Gwendolyn Bryant Dr. Gwendolyn Bryant Dean of Prophetical Studies

Dr. Gwendolyn Bryant, Dean of Prophetical Studies at Kingdom Truth University. She is a native of Monroe, Louisiana and grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. She is the mother of six children and the proud grandmother of nine living grandchildren and one deceased. Dr. Bryant graduated from William M. Raines High School in 1977 with high honors.…

Photo of Dr. Thedius Burden Dr. Thedius Burden Provost- Columbus, GA

Dr. Thedius L. Burden, Provost of the Columbus, GA campus. Dr. Burden is a native of Elizabethtown, North Carolina and resides in Columbus Georgia. He is the husband of Millicent Burden, and father of four adult children and a grandfather. Dr. Burden has over 28 years of leadership experience culminating in a retirement as a Major from the U.S.…

Photo of Dr. Clotilda Charles Dr. Clotilda Charles Chairperson of Board of Directors

Dr. Clotilda Charles is currently the Chairperson for the Board of Directors for Kingdom Truth University. It is her belief that, through education, a learner receives the vital skills and tools that are necessary to build a life, grow, and mature spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Dr. Charles actively contributes to the growth and development of the university.

Photo of Dr. Tyrinda Dixon Dr. Tyrinda Dixon Professor

Dr.Tyrinda Dixon, (‘Ty’) has been sharing the Good News of the Gospel since 1989. She currently serves as an Assistant Pastor at We’re For Jesus Ministries in Jacksonville, FL. and Founder and President of Soul Winners Connection, an evangelistic outreach tool used to reach and empower those in need.

Compelled by the desire to transform broken lives, Ty served for over six years as an adjunct professor at Teen Challenge Ministry Institute.…

Photo of Dr. Nancy Goggins Dr. Nancy Goggins Dean of Theological Studies/Professor
Photo of Dr. Cynthia Hall Dr. Cynthia Hall Dean of Admissions
Photo of Dr. Norman Hardman Jr. Dr. Norman Hardman, Jr. Vice Provost of Columbus, GA

NORMAN E. HARDMAN, Vice-Provost of Columbus campus for Kingdom Truth University. Dr. Hardman is the founder, Senior Pastor and CEO of Mount of Transfiguration in Opelika Alabama. God has allowed him to prepare himself educationally within the higher institutions of learning by obtaining a B.S. in Business from Tuskegee University, a master’s degree in Business from Troy State University and a Doctor of Divinity from St.…

Photo of Dr. Anquinetta Lewis Dr. Anquinetta Lewis Provost- Asheville NC

BISHOP ANQUINETTA S. LEWIS, Provost- Asheville NC campus of Kingdom Truth University and an Instructor in Biblical Studies, Prophetical Studies, and Ministry. Bishop Lewis believes that God has given her a gift to minister to those in need. She is an anointed woman of God with a fresh Word on the cutting edge. Her unique delivery of and insight into the Word of God will cause your faith to soar.…

Photo of Dr. Chrystal Lewis Dr. Chrystal Lewis Dean of External/Online Studies

Crystal Lewis has over fifteen years of experience in education. She is very passionate about teaching and learning. Mrs. Lewis began her educational career as a Substitute Teacher. Mrs. Lewis holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Troy University and a Master of Elementary Education from Kingdom Truth University. Crystal Is currently working on her Doctorate in Educational Leadership at KTU.…

Photo of Dr. Michael Lewis Sr. Dr. Michael Lewis, Sr. Board Member

Over the past 12 years, Michael Lewis has dedicated his career to fulfilling his vision and goals associated with preparing Alabama and Georgia public schools’ students for future success. His dedication and hard work earned him recognition in leadership and for the academic success of at-risk students in multiple states. Michael’s unique ability to model and teach students about the power of vision and confessing God’s Word has resulted in substantial student academic growth.…

Photo of Dr. Ronald L. Milligan Dr. Ronald L. Milligan Executive Vice President of Military and Veterans Affairs

Ronald Milligan is the Director of Military and Veterans Affairs. He brings a strong military background to this position. He is a retired Master Instructor of the United States Air Force and a former Aerospace Science Instructor with the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corp for high school students. His extensive experience managing programs designed to assist veterans with connecting to the various services and benefits available in making a smooth transition into civilian life assisted Dr.…

Photo of Dr. Vonna Milligan Dr. Vonna Milligan Vice President, Academic Affairs

Vonna Milligan

Vonna Milligan serves as Kingdom Truth University’s academic officer. She is a seasoned higher education leader with a keen sense for strategy and forward-thinking. She possesses extensive experience in leading, designing, developing, and implementing educational programs in higher education.

Milligan’s experiences and accomplishments are diverse and vast giving her a special ability to relate to all audiences.…

Photo of Dr. Antranette Moore Dr. Antranette Moore Dean of Biblical Studies/ Professor
Photo of Dr. Josephine Porter Dr. Josephine Porter Board Member
Photo of Dr. Cyclyn Smith-Mobley Dr. Cyclyn Smith-Mobley President

It is an honor and certainly a privilege for me to introduce to you an opportunity to receive a Biblical college education you desire.

Kingdom Truth University (KTU) provides a comprehensive program allowing students to major in areas such as Bible, Missions, Christian Education, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Counseling, Philosophy of Religious Studies, Divinity of Prophetical Studies, and Theological Studies.…

Photo of Dr. Veronica Smoot Dr. Veronica Smoot Dean of Alumni Affairs/Professor

Dr. Veronica L Smoot is one of the Professors at Kingdom Truth University, advancing the Kingdom of God through academia. Dr. Smoot is a born-again believer that believes that advancing the Kingdom of God is serious work and one of her assignments as a child of God. For her, teaching is a delight, and she does it with enthusiasm.…

Photo of Dr. Idell Strachan Dr. Idell Strachan Chairperson of Board of Trustees

Dr. Idell Strachan is the Executive Vice President of Financial Affairs, /Professor of Biblical Studies, Ministry, Christian Counseling, and Prophetic Studies at Kingdom Truth University. Dr. Idell Strachan is an ordained minister and pastor.

Dr. Idell Strachan’s academic degrees include a PhD. Christian Counseling Kingdom Truth University; Master in Business Administration, and a Masters in Health Care Management, University of Phoenix; and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Miami.…

Photo of Ms. Jackie Tate Ms. Jackie Tate Director of Athletics

Jacqueline Tate is an eleven-year veteran Health/Physical Education teacher who began teaching at Highland Home School (AL). She is currently at Newton High School (GA), teaching Health and Personal Fitness, and is committed to educating students, colleagues, families, and the community through establishing strong connections and great rapport. Jacqueline is also recognized as a passionate, student-centered educator continually seeking to improve learning and school culture.…