Our Academic Leaders & Faculty

Faculty are the heart of the university and KTU supports their personal development, research, teaching , and service in order to cultivate and nurture our best investment for our thriving university. 

A directory of our Administrative and Instructional Faculty are provided below. 

Photo of Alicia Bain Alicia Bain

Alicia V. Bain is a strategic leader and an entrepreneur with a strong desire to become a motivational speaker. Alicia was born in Miami, Florida but grew up in the lovely island of Grand Bahama, The Bahamas.  Alicia was born in a family of leaders and entrepreneurs and was never forced to take that same career path even though she knew she was a natural-born leader and would someday become an entrepreneur.…

Photo of Dr. Vernell Bronson Dr. Vernell Bronson Dean of Portfolio Studies

Dean of Portfolio Studies at Kingdom Truth University, Jacksonville, Florida

Educated in Washington County Public School System, Chipley, Florida

Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Florida State University (FSU) Tallahassee, Florida

Doctorate of Christian Counseling from Kingdom Truth University, Jacksonville, Florida

Serve in numerous capacities in service to the Lord at Word of Truth Worship Center, Jacksonville, Florida

Has 2 children and 4 grandchildren

Over 40 years of work experience in Corporate America

CEO of GIMS, Inc.

Photo of Dr. Gwendolyn Bryant Dr. Gwendolyn Bryant Dean of Prophetical Studies

Dr. Gwendolyn Bryant, Dean of Prophetical Studies at Kingdom Truth University. She is a native of Monroe, Louisiana and grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. She is the mother of six children and the proud grandmother of nine living grandchildren and one deceased. Dr. Bryant graduated from William M. Raines High School in 1977 with high honors.…

Photo of Dr. Thedius Burden Dr. Thedius Burden Provost- Columbus, GA

Dr. Thedius L. Burden, Provost of the Columbus, GA campus. Dr. Burden is a native of Elizabethtown, North Carolina and resides in Columbus Georgia. He is the husband of Millicent Burden, and father of four adult children and a grandfather. Dr. Burden has over 28 years of leadership experience culminating in a retirement as a Major from the U.S.…