Our Academic Leaders & Faculty

Faculty are the heart of the university and KTU supports their personal development, research, teaching , and service in order to cultivate and nurture our best investment for our thriving university. 

A directory of our Administrative and Instructional Faculty are provided below. 

Photo of Dr. Vernell Bronson

Dr. Vernell Bronson

Dean of Portfolio Studies


Dean of Portfolio Studies at Kingdom Truth University, Jacksonville, Florida

Educated in Washington County Public School System, Chipley, Florida

Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Florida State University (FSU) Tallahassee, Florida

Doctorate of Christian Counseling from Kingdom Truth University, Jacksonville, Florida

Serve in numerous capacities in service to the Lord at Word of Truth Worship Center, Jacksonville, Florida

Has 2 children and 4 grandchildren

Over 40 years of work experience in Corporate America

CEO of GIMS, Inc.

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