Military & Veterans Affairs

Office of Military and Veterans Affairs

Kingdom Truth University salutes all active-duty military and veterans for your sacrifice to the nation. Kingdom Truth University welcomes you as we desire to advance in continuing education. You are family and know that “Knowledge is Power”. 

First-time and continuing students may apply for educational benefits at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website. For information about all the programs and services that are offered to veterans and their dependents, visit the Veterans Affairs website at www.va.gov.

Students may apply for VA Educational Benefits at the Veterans Online Application System (VONAPP) or request an Application for Education Benefits
form from the VA representative. It’s faster if you apply for benefits online at www.va.gov.

Apply for Veterans benefits and submit correct forms by visiting www.ebenefits.va.gov. Upon completion of all required documents to the Veterans Administration, you will receive a “Certificate of Eligibility.” Provide KTU’s certifying official for veterans’ affairs with a copy of the “Certificate of Eligibility” prior to registration.

Admissions Process and Requirements for Veterans

"From Elite Soldier to Elite Chancellor"

This is a picture of Interim Chancellor Dr. McKenzie Sr. He's in his Dress Blues uniform for his retirement ceremony.

One of the proudest moments of my life was retiring from military service before the age of 40. Even though my early adulthood could’ve shifted in the opposite direction, there was an awakening to strive for more beyond the norm of everyday actions. Because of my absolute commitment and dedication toward higher levels of education to include a higher institute of learning, I found myself seeking more. Beyond my military service, beyond the accolades and awards, Kingdom Truth University has presented me with positive life and academic challenges in support of personal/professional development and biblical college education. At Kingdom Truth University, “Knowledge is Power”.

Since my enrollment, I’ve experienced a different world opening to me. This is followed by an exciting and new encouraging environment. I’ve learned and embraced that when I put forth the discipline and “will do” attitude coupled with a posture of humility; I will succeed. The staff at Kingdom Truth University operate on a Tier One level simultaneously continue to instill a work ethic that has placed me with an advantage.

With a long passion in the studying of religious faith and practice to include the study of God and relation to the world, I have developed a stronger interest concerning Theology. Below are just a few highlights:

  • The study of the five (5) major religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism)
  • Discipline of Theology
  • What is true about God and His universe
  • Philosophy of Religion

Finally, the staff and courses relevant to Kingdom Truth University have profoundly influenced the way I write. I now possess a philosophical grounding that makes me highly sensitive to my own biases. As a student, I feel that my success lies in the fact that I approach my studies as if I were a professional (not a student, that is). I acknowledge and welcome enrollment in the most challenging courses and worked with professors I felt were the most qualified in my areas of interest. I feel that my life experiences as well as my commitment to education is an asset to me. This combination will provide the strong background I desire in order to shape the future. Without a doubt, Kingdom Truth University is a premier institution for an aspiring Th.D. candidate and as such, a very competitive program. I know I have the tools and the determination to excel in such a stimulating and challenging environment.