Our Academic Leaders & Faculty

Faculty are the heart of the university and KTU supports their personal development, research, teaching , and service in order to cultivate and nurture our best investment for our thriving university. 

A directory of our Administrative and Instructional Faculty are provided below. 

Photo of Dr. Thedius Burden

Dr. Thedius Burden

Provost- Columbus, GA


Dr. Thedius L. Burden, Provost of the Columbus, GA campus. Dr. Burden is a native of Elizabethtown, North Carolina and resides in Columbus Georgia. He is the husband of Millicent Burden, and father of four adult children and a grandfather. Dr. Burden has over 28 years of leadership experience culminating in a retirement as a Major from the U.S. Army. In addition, Dr. Burden has served in various ministry and education related roles from Director of Administration with a congregation of over 10,000, Conference Speaker, Ministry Training workshops, Intercessor, and University Professor.

Dr. Burden’s extensive education range from Doctor of Philosophy from Kingdom Truth University as well as Master of Divinity from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix Arizona. He has served as a Deacon, Minister, and Elder under Bishop Ann L. Hardman and Ann Hardman Ministries Endowed with Power Ministerial Fellowship.

Being the least of men, Dr. Burden’s vision is in accordance with Ephesians 3:8-10 and believes the Church is mandated to enlighten, train, and display the miraculous power and love of our GOD.

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