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Faculty are the heart of the university and KTU supports their personal development, research, teaching , and service in order to cultivate and nurture our best investment for our thriving university. 

A directory of our Administrative and Instructional Faculty are provided below. 

Photo of Alicia Bain

Alicia Bain


Alicia V. Bain is a strategic leader and an entrepreneur with a strong desire to become a motivational speaker. Alicia was born in Miami, Florida but grew up in the lovely island of Grand Bahama, The Bahamas.  Alicia was born in a family of leaders and entrepreneurs and was never forced to take that same career path even though she knew she was a natural-born leader and would someday become an entrepreneur. Instead, Alicia became a banker by profession.

Alicia’s banking and finance career started back in 1998 and she has held various managerial positions over the span of her career. To date, Alicia is an effective leader and a facilitator for personal development who empowers individuals to activate purpose and maximize their potential. One of her personal goals is to transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change and this is done by leading by example.

Alicia established and implemented the vision by strategically starting her own business. She is the CEO/President of Pinnacle Empire Investment, LLC and currently holds the Senior Operations Supervisor position where she is employed. The wealth of knowledge she gained in the financial arena over the years, afforded her the opportunity to provide the tools and resources needed to effectively run her personal business and the financial matters of both companies. She has done this successfully by providing exemplary leadership to a team of professionals in an effort to achieve and accomplish PEI, LLC and the Bank’s strategic objectives.

In 2016, Alicia was copiously blessed to have met KTU’s Founder/President Dr. C. R. Smith-Mobley because her life has not been the same since. She got a keen sense of who Dr. Mobley was when she attended KIGM before joining. She joined KIGM church and family late 2016 and have seen God show Himself in every area of her life. She then enrolled in KTU’s undergraduate degree program and obtained a Bachelor of Art Degree in Christian Counseling. Alicia completed the program and graduated Valedictorian class of 2018 and was chained Special Trustee 2019.

It is Alicia’s duty to embody a spirit of excellence and service as key elements in ensuring that KTU remains successful in its vision, mission and strategic goals.

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