Theological Studies Programs of Study

Program Description

The degrees offered in Divinity are awarded to students completing 64 credit hours for Associate of Arts; an additional 64 credit hours for Bachelor of Arts; 48 Credit hours for Master and 68 Credit Hours for Doctorate. This program is designed to combine the core classes’ electives, and special topics with the general requirement for completion of each degree study.

program objectives

The objectives of these programs are basic to the institution’s general purpose and philosophy, and are in keeping with the objectives of the particular concentration. Specifically, these programs of study enable students to:
1. Demonstrate a general knowledge of the Bible, including a comprehensive understanding of the major books on Human Services
2. Develop an understanding of the underlying principles of Biblical
3. Apply correct biblical principles in decision making and personal Christian
4. Make effective use of the Bible in a particular ministry of general Christian
5. Develop a understanding of the historical application Human Services of
religion in America and elsewhere;
6. Develop a working knowledge of various manuscripts and translation of
the Bible;
7. Achieve skills in research methodology and preparation of major research

Prior Knowledge/prerequisites

The prerequisite for enrollment in the Associate in Theological Studies is a GED or High School Diploma. For enrollment in the Bachelor in Theological Studies is in earned Associate in Theological Studies. For enrollment in the Master in Theological Studies is an earned degree in Bachelor in Theological Studies. For enrollment in the Doctor in Theological Studies is an earned degree in Master in Theological Studies. These prerequisites should include a minimum of 19 credit hours in Bible.

Course # Course Name Credit
En-131 English Grammar 3 credit hours
En-132 English Composition 3 credit hours
Bi-122 O.T Survey 3 credit hours
Bi-123 N.T. Survey 3 credit hours
Bi-134 Manners & Customs I 3 credit hours
Bi-135 Manners & Customs II 3 credit hours
Ph-122 Beginning Hermeneutics 3 credit hours
Mi-123 Missions 3 credit hours
Pm-121 Biblical Research & Writing 3 credit hours
Ma-131 Basic Mathematics 3 credit hours
Sp-131 Speech Communications 3 credit hours
Bi-132 Israel’s History 3 credit hours
Bi-136 The Gospels 3 credit hours
Mi-121 Evangelism 3 credit hours
Th-221 Bible Doctrine I 3 credit hours
Th-222 Bible Doctrine II 3 credit hours
Bi-231 Acts & Pauline Epistles 3 credit hours
En-133 English Literature 3 credit hours
Th-331 Systematic Theology I 3 credit hours
Th-332 systematic Theology II 3 credit hours
Bi-329 Galatians & Ephesians 4 credit hours

Total 64 credit hours

Course # Course Name Credit
Ps-331 General Psychology 3 credit hours
Bi-322 Intro. to O.T. Prophets 3 credit hours
Bi-324 Minor Prophets 3 credit hours
Bi-329 Galatians & Ephesians 3 credit hours
Phil-431 Biblical Reasoning 3 credit hours
Pm-421 Greek 3 credit hours
Th-349 Introduction to World Religion 3 credit hours
Th-356 The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross 3 credit hours
Th-358 Central Themes in Biblical Theology 4 credit hours
Th-361 Institutes of the Christian Religion 3 credit hours
Th-364 Introduction to Christian Doctrine 3 credit hours
Th-366 The Doctrine of God 3 credit hours
Th-433 Facing the World: Political, Theology and Mercy 4 credit hours
Th-437 Bible and Ethics in Christian Life 4 credit hours
Th-439 Interpreting Scriptures 4 credit hours
Th-440 A Biblical Theology of the Natural World 4 credit hours
Th-444 Confession 4 credit hours
Th-445 Jesus Vs Caesar 3 credit hours
Th-488 Foundations for Understanding
Authority in the Church 4 credit hours

Total 64 credit hours

Course # Course Name Credit
Th-620 The Holy Spirit 3 credit hours
Th-624 The Doctrine Humanity 3 credit hours
Th-628 The Church 3 credit hours
Th-632 Counterpoints Theological Studies 3 credit hours
Th-634 The View on the Historical Adam 3 credit hours
Th-637 The View on the Christian Spirituality 3 credit hours
Th-642 A Theology of Matthew 3 credit hours
Th-643 A Theology of Mark 3 credit hours
Th-645 The Elder: Rooted in All Scriptures 3 credit hours
Th-646 Political Church 3 credit hours
Th-659 Fallen: A Theology of Sin 3 credit hours
Th-662 The Deity of Christ 3 credit hours
Th-664 The Works of Christ 3 credit hours
Th-664 Reconstructing the Gospel 3 credit hours
Th-672 The Mission of God 3 credit hours
Th-675 Theophany 3 credit hours

Total 48 credit hours
SPT-698 Master’s Thesis 6 credit hours

Course # Course Name Credit
Th-724 Ecclesiology 4 credit hours
Th-726 Pneumatology 4 credit hours
Th-746 The Gospel and the Interior Life of Christ 3 credit hours
Th-749 Understanding Emerging Christianity 3 credit hours
Th-761 The City of God 3 credit hours
Th-763 Science and Christian Faith 3 credit hours
Th-822 Interrupting Silence: God’s Command to Speak out 3 credit hours
Th-825 A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testament 3 credit hours
Th-834 A Biblical Understanding of the Covenants 3 credit hours
Th-838 Death and the Afterlife 3 credit hours
Th-842 The Passion of Christ 3 credit hours
Th-846 The Providence of God 3 credit hours
Th-848 Markers of the Modern Theology 3 credit hours
Th-849 Augustine on the Christian Life 3 credit hours
Th-852 Knowing God in Christ: Walking by the Spirit 3 credit hours
Th-854 Following Jesus in faithful Service 3 credit hours
Th-868 The Love of God 3 credit hours
Th-873 The Glory of God 3 credit hours
Th-807 Biblical Metaphysics 4 credit hours
Th-808 Biblical Epistemology 4 credit hours
Th-809 Biblical Ontology 4 credit hours

Total 68 credit hours
SPT-Dis 898 Dissertation 9 credit hours